Some of the writings I contributed to.

Report on Hungarians living with HIV

As a result of the outreach strategy delivered by me, 176 of the circa 3900 Hungarians diagnosed with HIV participated in an online survey and 51 them applied for a personal research interview. I placed questions in the survey and the interview that allowed me to make educated decisions about the branding and functionality of a social networking tool for persons living with HIV.

How to raise legal consciousness and enhance the reporting of hate crimes – A workshop curriculum

This publication is a product of conference papers delivered at the conference “Breaking the Barriers” (September 2018), other work by authors who presented there, as well as many valuable discussions that ensued after each of the sessions. The conference was a concluding event of the two-year project Come Forward: Empowering and Supporting Victims of Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes, co-financed by the European Commission.

Co-author Bea Sándor

A country where silence needs to be broken: What people think about anti-LGBT hate crimes in Hungary

Lack of research coupled with lack of reports renders hate crime invisible for the public and – in some cases – for the authorities. Our study is based on 2 focus groups of LGBTQI people and a large-scale representative survey of the general population of Hungary. We analysed reactions to hate crime, empathy for victims, awareness of hate crime and support for hate crime laws.

Co-author Bea Sándor